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There are several annual events that we look forward to every year.  These include Anniversaries, birthdays, New Years, and the SuperBowl. Tax season usually does not make the most popular list, as this is the most popular time for citizens to complain about a lack of efficiency in the Government. Many might feel that they are paying too much, others wonder where the money is going. All of a sudden, we are all professional economists with an opinion on how the budget can be better managed.

Though, at first, it may be difficult to realize all the services and programs the Government provides, a closer look on the Internet can provide a much clearer picture. In recent years, the Canadian Government has made great strides toward offering and improving many of its services online. By visiting a Government site of interest, it is now possible to find much of the required information in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, many application forms can be downloaded, filled out, and sent back electronically.

Providing services efficiently and conveniently in electronic form is a welcome direction. Evolving information technologies are making it easier for Canadians to find and enjoy the benefits of the many available programs. Perhaps seeing and being involved in such programs will alleviate some of our concerns around tax season.


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