Novice Drone Enthusiasts Fret No More, DJI Tello Drone is here to Help Beginners!

Are you experiencing a new-found love for drones? You feel that you are missing out on the thrill and fun! If, you are feeling all of these, then you need to get your hands on a drone as soon as possible. But, for a novice, the advanced recreational drones can be too much to handle. You need to start with a drone that is basic level. How to find one?

Well, we can help you with that! DJI Tello drone is one model that is, perhaps, the best drone for beginners. The design lets you gain easy control over the drone. You might be thinking what makes it such a great beginner’s drone, right? Well, there are some pointers to point you in the right direction.

  •  How to Find a Beginners’ Drone?

Well, a drone might seem fun, but, in reality, it is a machine that can cause a lot of damage (when in the hands of an inexperienced person)! Does this mean that a beginner does not fly a drone? Well, no of course! You need to find a drone that fits your needs and provides a safe, yet thrilling experience.

Before we get into the criteria of choosing a beginners’ drone, let’s address a pressing issue of Beginner drones for adults and kids. Now, the common argument of everyone is that the drone for kids and adults can be the same! However, one needs to understand, that, though a kid and an untrained adult are on the same level, but, adults handle the complex controls better than inexperienced kids. So, the beginner’s level for kids and adults is definitely different! Now that this argument is out of the way, you need to look at the criteria for beginners’ drone.

Here are a few things to remember, while looking for your (beginner’s) drone:

  1.       Size of Drone: Many beginners get excited and go in for the larger drones, when, in reality, you need the smaller drones. Think about it! A smaller drone is easier to handle. The chances of a crash, at the hands of a novice, is higher; hence, a larger drone would cause much more damage. If you have a smaller drone, then the chances of damage are much lower, and you also get easy control over the drone.
  2.       Price: As mentioned before, the chances of a crash is higher, so you need a drone that will not burn a hole in the pockets. If, you are a newbie to drone flying, then invest in a drone that is lighter on the pockets. This will reduce the chances of greater maintenance and reduced heart-ache at a drone crash.

Nobody becomes an expert in a day! You need to get your hands on a drone that will help you practice and not sabotage your confidence levels. After all, would you like to continue flying after a huge damage has been sustained by someone because of your done? Here is where Tello drone of DJI in Australia comes into play!

  •  What Features make the Tello Drone from DJI a Good Fit for Beginners?

The Tello drone from DJI is perhaps one of the best and most popular drones for beginners. The reasons, you ask?! Well, is it not simple? The features, of course, play a huge hand in it all!

When you get yourself the Tello drone, you get a small and compact, yet powerful drone! It has the power to go up to 29 kph, with a 5MP camera. So, it is the small design you needed for better control and a camera that will do a good job, but not highly expensive.

The best part is yet to come, you can just toss it in the air and it will start flying! Now, you can realize your dreams of becoming an ace drone flyer, with a little help from the Tello drone, obviously!

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