Tell us about your dream mobile field service transaction system

We are working hard on designing new products with key end markets in mind. One of our highest priorities is field service – in the traditional sense, e.g. people performing installations, repairs, readings, etc. Mobiletechnology is really getting interesting for this space, with location based systems, the service providers getting heavily into the game, and software companies releasing ever more exciting packages.

We would appreciate any feedback from END USERS or RESELLERS that play in this space – tell us what your dream mobile system looks like.

What does it allow the technician to do? How does it interact with back office systems? What sort of data acquisition, manipulation, and transactions must the technician be able to perform? What sort of devices might be used? (Open your mind to what isn’t necessarily available right now – smartphones and an increasing number of handhelds come with cameras, barcode scanning is pretty readily available, we make printers and can carry card readers, but what about things like biometric devices? Measurement devices like a temperature probe? Do you foresee Smart Cards as a popular payment option in the near future? We would like to hear every idea you’ve got).

This all relates to a new printer platform we are releasing called FieldPro. It can be seen at:


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